1. fuckyeahnarwhals:

    The narwhal and the unicorn

  2. letsgobananas:

    Olaf Brzeski, Dream – Spontaneous combustion, 2008

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  3. unhappyhipsters:

    The plant wandered over to see what he could do to help.

    (Photo: Fernando Guerra, Sergio Guerra; ArchDaily)

  4. ohmygoodnesstoofreakingcute! 


    Adorable Animal Being Adorable of the Day: The Cincinnati Zoo’s Bird House mascot, Cookie the Little Penguin, enjoys being tickled nearly as much as you’ll enjoy watching him being tickled.

    (NB: There is a ripped, re-hosted version of this video circulating around Tumblr, but, in the name of giving views where they are due, this is the video owner’s original, full-length footage.)


  5. start your Saturday night right, listen to this!

    the suuns

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  6. bestrooftalkever:


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  7. hot chip awesomeness!
    adele v. hot chip  


    “Rolling On The Floor” - Adele vs. Hot Chip (Best Roof Talk Ever mix)

  8. I love everything about this. <3<3<3



    Ha! (Jason Schwartzman on FA last year.)

    Seriously, no other media tumblr integrates as well with the community as Fresh Air does. Whoever is running this gets a nice little couple of claps from me.

  9. hehehe the name of the cell phone is funny.


    Lights Out: The most elaborate automated performance of Bach’s “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring” in the middle of a forest to promote a cell phone you will see today, guaranteed.


  10. theeconomist:

    Europe’s leaders make a motley line-up in Peter Schrank’s illustration. Their weakness is paralysing decision-making in the European Union.